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November 17, 2008 was the date for the 3rd Philippine Comics Convention aptly named KOMIKON 2007 which was held at the University of the Philippines Bahay ng Alumni at around 10 am to 6 in the evening. Naturally, I was there, mostly because sir Taga-Ilog (creator of PASIG and MODUS3) said that he would be selling the 3 years late 16th chapter and book 1 ender of PASIG. Plus, I also wanted to check him out sporting his legendary bucket.

(For those who don't know, Taga-Ilog is a comic artist who dislikes having his face seen. So he goes to conventions and cosplays wearing a bucket with eye holes over his head. Unfortunately though, he came to KOMIKON without the said bucket. More unfortunate still, was that I hadn't the foggiest notion at the time that the guy who gave me my two copies of PASIG 16 was indeed THE man himself. Sob.)

The day was hot but I really wanted to be there. Hey, I had a mission, don't forget. The Balay Alumni was jam-packed and boy was I ever glad I brought extra money because it turned out there was a small entrance fee. Upon entering I saw a smorgasbord for the nerds (Yaaaaay, nerds! :D); TaleCraft, Level-Up! Booths, A WaCom Intuos 3 demo table, Free Caricatures, OMG~  TTvTT

But noooo, first things first, before it solds out (which did indeed happen). I bought my two copies of PASIG 16 (one for a friend) after fighting me way against a gazillion nerdie zombies like me and a couple of weird emo Harajuku-lost girls. 'Twas a good thing I was able to say "Pasig... two copies... thank you..." to the guy minding the booth. I was so busy looking for a guy with a bucket over his head that when the guy handed the two copies to me (plus two free Modus 3 prologues, how cool is that?! YAY!), I failed to notice that Taga-Ilog had already signed it. Daaaaaaaamn I didn't get to have our picture taken!

Another damnable thing was that James was also there at the back of the booth, minding the comic aspirants. TTvTT Oh, well. At least Memer wasn't there or I'll howl me griefs for the next centuries or so. Or at least until the next KOMIKON. XD

Bands played their music and notable comic artists were interviewed and brought onstage, like Pol Medina Jr. (Pugad Baboy and the likes), who looked soooo thinner in person than he does on print XD, Wilson Tortosa (Battle of the Planets), who looks cuter in person squee~, and Lyndon Gregorio (Beerkada) who is as nice as ever. I was opting to ask questions at the open forum but noooo. I would've sounded like another "OMG you're the greatest artist EVER and your comics are the best EVER and I am you biggest fan EVER!!!" XD

We (we being me, Benj, and Jovz) didn't stay there long, although we kept ogling at the TaleCraft booth and kept listening to the TaleCraft players (one of them didn't know his own story diddlysquat) while Jovz browsed for manga ("Uy, Naruto!" XD). We also checked out some on-sale prints from indie artists and I was soooo lucky I didn't bring my sketch pad or else my insecurities would resurface. TTvTT If only I knew how to color! TT^TT

Well, anyway. The KOMIKON 2007 was a HUUUUUUUGE success, and I'm glad I was there (got my photo randomly taken by a reporter, I think, XD). I was thinking that if a KOMIKON 2008 would push through, maybe it would be possible that I would join one of the booths, not as a spectator, but as an artist (yeah, right. XD). What say ye? =3

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